Heroimage Institut Fuer Kuestensysteme Analyse Und Modellierung
Helmholtz Research Field: Earth and Environment

Institute of Coastal Systems - Analysis and Modeling

The Institute for Coastal Systems conducts research from physical, ecological and socio-economic perspectives on coastal system change due to climate change and use. We develop prediction methods and future scenarios for coastal systems and their resources, using coupled complex mechanistic and statistical models, as well as state-of-the-art AI methods. By developing digital twins of the coastal environment and providing our reconstruction and future scenarios, we support the sustainable and safe use of coastal systems and create a scientific basis for future-oriented coastal management. With our research, we provide scientific and methodological support for decision-making processes in public and private sectors.

Press Release
Migrating phytoplankton. Grafik: NatureCC

Do oceans absorb more CO2 than expected?

New theory on the movement of phytoplankton could imply that oceans absorb more CO2 by 2100 instead of less.

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View across the North Sea to an offshore wind farm on the horizon. Photo: Hereon/Anna Ebeling

Offshore wind farms: In the transition zone between land and sea

Study coordinated by Hereon provides an overview of coastal effects on offshore wind farms

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Risk Awareness of Hamburg Citizens

The United Nations Ocean Conference is currently taking place in Lisbon. Against this background, Prof. Dr. Corinna Schrum, Director of the Institute for Coastal Systems at the Helmholtz Centre Hereon, talks about the current problems of the world's oceans.
The interview by Axel Bojanovski with Corinna Schrum in the WELT on the topic "Wind energy parks in the sea will change the environment" appeared online on 29.6.2022. read more


Risk Awareness of Hamburg Citizens

A telephone survey was conducted among 511 citizens of Hamburg to determine their perception of climate change and its possible consequences. NDR Report

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