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Institute of Coastal Systems - Analysis and Modeling

The Institute for Coastal Systems conducts research from physical, ecological and socio-economic perspectives on coastal system change due to climate change and use. We develop prediction methods and future scenarios for coastal systems and their resources, using coupled complex mechanistic and statistical models, as well as state-of-the-art AI methods. By developing digital twins of the coastal environment and providing our reconstruction and future scenarios, we support the sustainable and safe use of coastal systems and create a scientific basis for future-oriented coastal management. With our research, we provide scientific and methodological support for decision-making processes in public and private sectors.



Editors Highlight: The Hereon Model of the Global Coast in the Carbon Cycle


The ICON-Coast ocean model, developed by Mathis et al. (2022), represents a significant advance for global carbon modeling. The high-resolution coast of the global model allows a process-based investigation of important turnover mechanisms in the transition zone between land and ocean. more

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Innovation platform for climate-friendly shipping

Research vessel Coriolis paves the way for interdisciplinary research and digitalization

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Hamburg Climate Futures Outlook 2023

Hamburg Climate Futures Outlook 2023 released

Several Hereon researchers are contributing as co-authors and reviewers

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Interview with Ina Teutsch and Jochen Horstmann


About extreme waves

Ina Teutsch and Jochen Horstmann conducted an interview with Nils Sander from the journal "Seenotretter". Their answers to the question of how and why monster waves develop and how they can possibly be predicted are also available as audible file. more


Corinna Schrum in an interview with Lutz Reiche, Manager Magazin.


Green hydrogen production on the high seas

Hydrogen, preferably produced with wind power on the high seas, is considered the magic gas that will make industry green and combat climate change. Is this realistic, where does Germany stand here, what are the consequences for the oceans? A conversation with top scientist Corinna Schrum. Interview


What makes waves into monsters


The arte film from the series "42- The answer to almost everything" with a contribution by Ina Teutsch will be broadcast on 23.10.22 on arte. more

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