Heroimage Institut Fuer Kuestensysteme Analyse Und Modellierung
Coastal Systems - Analysis and Modeling

Ecosystem Modeling


The Ecosystem Modeling group (Photo: Wirtz/Hereon)

We find and formulate mathematical laws on the changes of marine organisms within their environment. We build software to contextualize different models for the coastal Earth system. We use models to support coastal management and to answer research questions, e.g., for the changes in small algae, crustaceans, or jellyfish expected from Global Change.

Our mission

We create and use an integrated model to generate scenarios for the ecosystem dynamics in coastal seas. In our model system, we resolve relevant interfaces between land, ocean, and atmosphere, and include biological adaptation processes to better explain variability in time- or space-continuous observations. With these innovative approaches, our group computes concurrent trends in biogeochemical cycles and ecological key variables.