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Materials in Life Sciences

Controlled material degradation facilitates applications in the field of medical implants or sustainable products for everyday use. Rapid, predictive methods for degradation behavior form the basis for creating new functions, such as switchable degradation or defined property changes accompanying degradation. To do so, we carry out rapid experiments coupled with computer models on 2D materials that we produce beforehand using the Langmuir-Blodgett method. 2D materials are also designed, produced and characterized for generating biointeractivity with cells. The “Materials in Life Sciences” department thereby makes significant contributions to the field of multifunctional biomaterials.

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Dr. Natalia A. Tarazona Lizcano, Dr. Rainhard Machatschek, Manuela Keller, Shanshan Zhang, Dr. Qiang Zhang, Dr. Shivam Saretia
Photo: Hereon/ Lisa Depenbrock