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The research vessel Coriolis

Cutting-edge environmental research and innovation platform for climate-friendlier shipping

The research vessel Coriolis will cover a globally unique interdisciplinary spectrum of coastal, materials, hydrogen and membrane research as well as set new standards in digitalisation. The Coriolis will be used, for example, to analyse which nutrients and pollutants are transported from rivers into the sea or how the expansion of offshore wind farms affects the environment. Climate change as a central topic is being researched in an interdisciplinary manner.

All environmentally relevant research data obtained during the voyage can be retrieved in real time or shared directly with other ships and shore stations.
The innovative propulsion system consists of electric traction motors that can access various power storage units. One of these is a specially developed tank system in which hydrogen is stored in the form of metal hydrides. This enables the testing and establishment of hydrogen technologies in favour of more environmentally friendly shipping.

Vessel base data


» Length/width/draft: 29,90 m / 8,00 m / 1,6 m
» Crew/ scientists: 2 (+1) / 12
» Laboratory area/ working deck area: 47 m²/ 70 m²
» Operating area: coastal voyage international 100 nautical miles
» Speed: max. 12 knots
» Engine power: 750 kW
» Operating days/ year: ca. 225
» Fuel cell: 100 kW
» Metal hydride tank/ hydrogen storage: 5 t (30 kg hydrogen)

The Bundestag’s budget committee granted around 13,5 million euros in 2020 for the construction of this globally unique research vessel, which is currently being built at the Hitzler shipyard in Lauenburg. Completion is planned for spring 2024.


Christoph Wöhrle
Christoph Wöhrle

Press Officer

Communication and Media

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Volker Dzaak
Volker Dzaak

Project Manager Coriolis

Institute of Coastal Environmental Chemistry

Phone: +49 (0) 4152 87-2394

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Dr Torsten Brinkmann
Dr Torsten Brinkmann

Head of Department

Institute of Membrane Research

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