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Human Resources Management

Human Resources Management is the internal service provider for all issues relating to human resources and travel management. For those who are interested, Human Resources Management is the first point of contact for all matters relating to employment applications.

The Human Resources Management department offers expertise and advice for recruiting and retaining employees as well as the development of personnel and the organization.

With its systems, processes and services, the department ensures that human resource activities are efficient and legally compliant.

These services are provided by four groups: Human Resources Support, Human Resources Development, Basic Human Resources Policies and Procedures and Travel Management.


Human Resources Support

  • Advising management staff and employees in all human resources matters
  • Human resources recruitment and integration
  • Description and appraisal of responsibilities
  • Payroll and human resources administration

Human Resources Development

  • Conception and implementation of measures for human resources and management development
  • Coordination and implementation of dual professional training
  • Comprehensive services for the reconciliation of work and family life, as well as occupational health management.
  • Advising and conducting applicant management
  • Supporting the integration of foreign scientists through accommodation, residency permit matters and Dual Career Service

Basic Human Resources Policies and Procedures

  • Advice on individual and collective employment law matters, as well as collective bargaining matters
  • Legal support for joint appointments with higher education institutions
  • Preparation of human resources planning, human resources reports and specific appraisals
  • Supervision and further development of the internal HR IT systems

Travel Management

  • Consultation and service with respect to domestic and international business trips
  • Booking business trips
  • Supporting employees during business trips
  • Follow-up and billing of completed business trips

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