Heroimage Institut Fuer Membranforschung


The equipment of the department “Instrumental Structure Analysis” includes various methods of light and electron microscopy.

Transmission electron microscope

Transmission electron microscope Tecnai G2F20 of Fei

Photo: Hereon/general

Tecnai G2 F20 (Fei)

• 200kV, Field emission gun
• EFTEM, EELS (GIF2002, Gatan)
• EDX-Analysis (EDAX)
• HAADF (Fischione)
• Cryotransfer specimen holder
• Tomography

Scanning electron microscope

Scanning electron microscope Merlin of Zeiss

Photo: Hereon/general

Merlin (Zeiss)

• 30kV, Field emission gun
• Detectors: SE, BSE, EsB, STEM

Scanning electron microscope

Scanning electron microscope Leo  Gemini of Zeiss

Photo: Hereon/general

LEO Gemini 1550 VP (Zeiss)

• 30kV, FEG
• Detectors: SE, BSE
• EDX-Analysis (EDAX)

Atomic force microscope

Atomic force microscope Multimode 8 of Bruker

Photo: Hereon/general

MultiMode 8 (Bruker)

• Nanoscope Controller V
• Measuring Modes
- Tapping Mode®
- Contact Mode
- PeakForce Modes
- ScanAsystTM
- Conductive AFM
- Kelvin Probe AFM
- Tunneling AFM
• Accessories
- Temperature Control: -35°C to 250°C
- Fluid cell, Gas cell
- ScanAsystTM HR

Leica light-optical microscope

Light-optical microscope of Leica

Photo: Hereon/general

Leica DMLM

• Reflected / transmitted light
• Objectives:10x, 20x, 50x, 100x
• Phase contrast
• Heating / cooling table
• Temperature control system TMS94 (Linkam)
-196°C to 600°C

Raman microscope (dispersive)

Raman microscope Senterra of  Bruker

Photo: Hereon/general

Senterra (Bruker)

• excitation laser: 785nm and 532nm
• Objective lens: 10x, 20x, 50x, 100x