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CoastalFuture - Scenarios to Promote Sustainable Futures of Contested Marine Areas

WP2 Framework for integrated E2E coastal modeling
WP3 Ecosystem impacts from offshore wind energy development
WP5 Sectoral stressors and protection concepts
WP6 Climate scenarios and multiple stressors

COSMO-CLM (COSMO-Model in CLimate Mode) & ICON-CLM

Development of the COSMO-Model in CLimate Mode & ICON-CLM


Participation in the working groups of the CLM-Community and development of tools for the CLM-Community as well as maintenance of the website

CLICCS - Climate, Climatic Chang and Society

A5 - The Land-Ocean Transition Zone


PtX-Wind and TransferWind


„Nutzbare Lokale Klimainformationen für Deutschland": Usable local climate information for Germany

WAKOS - "Wasser an den Küsten Ostfrieslands"

Compound Flood Events


Marine Ensemble for offshore wind farms


Helmholtz Climate Initiative REKLIM (Regionale Klimaänderungen/Regional climate change)