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Dr. Johannes Bieser

Dr. Johannes Bieser

Matter transport and ecosystem dynamics


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Personal data

Born 1983 in Lahr, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Scientific career

since 2011 Post-Doc at the Institute of Coastal Research at the Helmholtz-Zentrums Hereon. Currently participating in two EU projects, the FP7 project „Global Mercury Observation System (GMOS)“ and the INTERREG IV B project „Clean North Sea Shipping (CNSS)“.

2008 – 2011 PhD with Prof. Andreas Möller and Prof. Markus Quante in the field of chemistry transport modelling at the Helmholtz-Zentrum Hereon. Work about the influence of emissions on air quality. Development of an European emission model (SMOKE for Europe).

2007 Diploma in Environmental Sciences at the University of Lüneburg

My main research interest is the simulation of chemical cycles in the Earth system using complex three-dimensional models to further the understanding of the fate of pollutants in the environment.

Currently I am working on the influence of emissions from ship traffic in the North Sea on the air quality in the coastal zone and the air-sea exchange of mercury in the North- and Baltic-Sea region.