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Project & FundingTitlePeriod
HiMod (BSH)Ozeanographische Hindcast-Modellierung (HiMod) im Rahmen der Flächenvoruntersuchung in der AWZ der Nordsee und Ostsee (nach dem
Flächenentwicklungsplan des BSH vom 20.01.2023)
METAscales (BMBF)Marine Extremes Transforming coAsts - pathways for coastal adaptation across scales2024-2026
WAKOS-2 (BMBF)Wasser an den Küsten Ostfrieslands: Maßgeschneiderte Klimaservices für die Anpassung2024-2026
WAKOS-2 (BMBF)Digital web tool and event-based storylines2024-2026
ClimXtreme-2 (BMBF)Climate Change and Weather Extremes in Europe: Building a knowledge base for decision support2023-2026
ClimXtreme-2 (BMBF)A5 DesAttHeat Towards an improved description and attribution of the most extreme Central European Heat Waves 2023-2026
CLICCS A6 (BMBF)Earth System Variability and Predictability in a Changing Climate2019-2026
ClimatePol (EU)Climate adaptation across the border   2.2: Promoting climate change adaptation, disaster risk prevention and resilience, taking into account ecosystem-based approaches03/2024-09/2026
CLINT (EU)CLImate INTelligence: Extreme events detection, attribution and adaptation design using machine learning2021-2025
SCENIC (Helmholtz Innovation Pool)Storyline Scenarios of Extreme Weather, Climate, and Environmental Events along with their Impacts in a Warmer World2022-2024
Freak Waves II (BSH)Extreme Waves in the North Sea II2021-2024
MarEns2 (BSH)Marine Ensemble Simulations - Phase 208/2021-12/2023
ECAS-BALTIC (BMBF)Strategies of ecosystem-friendly coastal protection and ecosystem-supporting coastal adaptation for the German Baltic Sea Coast
(Strategien des ökosystem-verträglichen Küstenschutzes und der ökosystem-fördernden Küstenanpassung für die Deutsche Ostseeküste)
WAKOS (BMBF)Water at the East Frisian coast: A blueprint for user-oriented climate services for adaptation
(Wasser an den Küsten Ostfrieslands: Basis für maßgeschneiderte Klimaservices für die Anpassung)
ECLISEA (EU) European Advances on Climate Services for Coasts and Seas2017-2021
COHERENT (Danish Innovation Fund) Coastal Hazard Risk Reduction and Management 2017-2021
MarEns (BSH)Marine Ensemble Simulations2017-2020
EXTREMENESS (BMBF)Extreme North Sea storm surges and their consequences
(Extreme Nordseesturmfluten und mögliche Auswirkungen)
ALADYN (BMBF)Analysing long-term changes of tidal dynamics in the German Bight
(Analyse der beobachteten Tidedynamik in der Nordsee)
Freak Waves (BSH) Extreme Waves in the North Sea 2016-2017
RISES-AM (EU)Responses to coastal climate change: Innovative Strategies for high End Scenarios -Adaptation and Mitigation-11/2013-10/2016
RADOST (BMBF)Regional adaptation strategies for the German Baltic Sea coast07/2009-06/2014
KLIMZUG-Nord (BMBF)Regional strategies concerning climate changes in the metropolitan area of
ECLISE (EU)Enabling climate information services for Europe02/2011-01/2014
KLIFF-AKÜST (Ministry for Science and Culture in Lower Saxony)Changing coastal climate: Evaluation of adaptation strategies for coastal protection as part of the Climate impact research program in Lower Saxony01/2009-12/2013
THESEUS (EU)Innovative technologies for safer European coasts in a changing climate12/2009-11/2013
KLIWAS (BMVBS)Wind wave climate change scenarios for the North Sea01/2012-12/2012
(BMU)Ocean energy in Germany01/2009-12/2009
SFB 512 (DFG)Cyclones and the North
Atlantic Climate System
HIPOCAS (EU)Hindcast of Dynamic Processes of the Ocean and Coastal Areas of Europe2000 - 2003
(Helmholtz Association, HGF)Sea Level Change: An integrated approach to its quantification2000 - 2003
ASPEN (EU)Air sea processes in environment and climate1998 - 2000