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Recent and finished projects

OffChEm Project 2017 - 2021

aerial view of an offshore wind farm

Offshore Wind Farm (Sabine Billerbeck/Hereon)

The ongoing development of offshore wind energy in the North Sea and Baltic Sea has an increasing impact on the marine environment. More than 1,000 offshore wind turbines and at least 20 converter and transformer platforms have already been installed. Every offshore installation represents a disturbance in the marine environment. Chemical emissions from these farms have hardly been investigated to date. In this context, necessary measures for corrosion protection systems and the use of operating materials need to be considered. Scientific findings on the quantities released and their distribution in the respective environmental compartments (water, sediment, biota) are currently scarce. A comprehensive assessment of the effects on the marine environment is therefore only possible to a limited extent by the current state of knowledge. Further information

EU EMRP Project ENV08 2011-2014: Traceable measurements of emerging pollutants

Map ENV08 Project partner (Map: Adriana Gonzalez Gago/Hereon)

The Joint Research Project (JRP) ENV08 “Traceable measurements for monitoring critical pollutants under the European Water Framework Directive (WFD) 2000/60/EC” is a multi-partner trans-national project within the targeted call “Environment” of the European Metrology Research Programme (EMRP). The objective of our contribution is the provision of a metrologically validated, highly sensitive procedure of measurement for the brominated diphenyl ethers BDE on the basis of its specific Element. Further information

DAAD project: Metal exposure and associated effects in mussels

Mussels in a Marina (Photo: Heike Helmholz)

Within this bilateral funding of project-related exchange of scientists with the "Laboratory for Biological Effects of Metals" at the Institute Ruđer Bošković, Zagreb analytical methods and experiences have been exchanged. Objects of this project were the analysis of the mussel tissue contamination with heavy metals especially in marinas and harbours and associated, measureable physiological alterations in natural mussel populations. Further information