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in2science #7

The Magazine About People with Ideas: New Issue

The Magazine About People with Ideas: New Issue

Cover in2science #7

Photo: HZG/Christian Schmid

In the seventh issue of our magazine, you can read about scientists at the HZG who contribute to the centre through their terrific ideas and research projects.

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From the Hall of the Multi-Talented

Solid bonds of metals and plastics that are held together without adhesive or rivets – that’s what materials scientists are researching at the HZG. Their patented solid state joining processes can be used in aerospace engineering. Their work is introduced in the in2Science Photo Feature.

What Drives Us

Using complex models and the most modern technology, coastal researchers make precise forecasts regarding the direction in which seawater flows. In doing so, they provide support, for example, to government authorities who wish to know the direction in which an oil slick will drift in the event of an accident.

Research Expedition

Come along on a journey to the Arctic! One article shows us how coastal researchers live and work on board the research vessel POLARSTERN.

Climate Change

Earth’s warming can be limited to 1.5°C compared to the preindustrial period. This was demonstrated in a special report published by the IPCC. Scientists at the Climate Service Center Germany, GERICS, have participated in this endeavour. In the magazine, you’ll discover the researchers’ assessment of the situation.

Portraits: Scientists in Focus

We’ll also introduce you to an institute director and a scientist in the field of materials research who are engaged in degradable magnesium implants and 90-metre-long microscopes.

We hope you enjoy reading this issue and we look forward to getting your feedback!

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