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New construction of the LUDWIG PRANDTL II

In November 2020 the Budget Committee of the German Bundestag approved funds for the new construction of the LUDWIG PRANDTL II. Its renovation will cost approximately 13.5 million Euros. The ship is to cover a broad, interdisciplinary array of coastal research, materials research, polymer research and digitization and thus be used in a variety of ways by the Hereon and its partners for research and education.

An extensive preplanning was already conducted in 2019 making the construction of an efficient research vessel with unrivalled unique selling points in terms of state-of-the-art measurement techniques and maritime technologies possible. A design office is being sought in the context of a public procurement procedure to take over the design and planning of the research vessel. Expertise in special ship building is thus needed. The shipyard will be put out to tender as soon as detailed planning is available. The keel will be laid in 2022, after which the LUDWIG PRANDTL II will be christened, tested and officially approved.

Graphic of new research vessel LP II

(Graphic: Hereon)

Basic ship data of the new LUDWIG PRANDTL II

Length/width/draft: 30 m / 9 m / 1.5 m
Crew/ Scientists: 2 (+1) / 12
Laboratory surface: 47 m²/ 70 m²
Field of operation: Coastal navigation international
Speed: max.12 knots
Machine power: 750 kW
Operating days/year: approx. 225

Research vessels in operation at Hereon

The department "Logistics & Organization Coastal Research" coordinates the deployment of the available research vessels and boats. On the associated website you will find details of the Research vessels