Within the scope of scientific computing, the cluster team offers various services to users of the Helmholtz-Zentrum Hereon.

User Support

Of course, we support the users in all fundamental questions concerning the cluster. This includes among other things:

  • Account management
  • Data management
  • General advice and problem solving
  • Workload management and monitoring

Software Support

As an integral part of scientific computing, the software environment on the cluster is continuously extended and maintained. In the course of this we take care of:

  • Software delivery and version maintenance
  • Assistance with the porting of models into the software environment of the cluster
  • Creation and maintenance of software environments
  • Assistance with compiling individually generated codes

User Training

Due to increasing demands on the programming skills of scientists from various fields, continuous training and further education is an important concern. For this purpose we are planning offers in the following areas:

  • Basic training for the use of the cluster
  • Consulting for the optimization of codes
  • Training on efficient parallel programming and other special topics that arise with the respective application