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Reports 2010

  • GKSS-2010-1 [37,4 MB] (PDF) Dreyer, A.: Atmospheric Distribution and Seasonality of Airborne Polyfluorinated Compounds. (Thesis)
  • GKSS-2010-2 [13,7 M] (PDF) Hünicke, B.; Zorita, E.; Haeseler, S.: Baltic Holocene Climate and Regional Sea-Level Change. (Report)
  • GKSS-2010-3 [1, 8 M] (PDF) Bhend, J.: Detection of an Anthropogenic Influence on the Observed Changes in Near-Surface Temperature and Precipitation in Nothern Europe. (Thesis)
  • GKSS-2010-4 [1,7 M] (PDF) Langer, V.: Determination of Indoor Air Concentrations of Polyfluorinated Compounds with Passive Samplers. (Diploma thesis)
  • GKSS-2010-5 [1,1 M] (PDF) Schlüter, M. H.: Investigating Environmental Changes in the Southern North Sea (Thesis)
  • GKSS-2010-6 [33,6 M] (PDF) Flampouris, S.: On the Wave Field Propagating over an Uneven Sea Bottom observed by Ground Based Radar (Thesis)
  • GKSS-2010-7 [14.8 M] (PDF) Roos, A.: Grundlegende Untersuchung über ein neues Schweißverfahren namens HFDB (Hybrid Friction Diffusion Bonding) (Thesis)
  • GKSS-2010-8 [7.8 M] (PDF) Weinberg, I.: Landfills and Waste Water Treatment Plants as Sources of Polyfluorinated Compounds, Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers and Synthetic Musk Air (Diploma thesis)
  • GKSS-2010-9 [4.4 M] (PDF) Bray, D. ; Storch, H. von: CliSci2008: a Survey of the Perspectives of Climate Scientists Concerning Climate Science and Climate Change (Report)