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Using our large scale facility

The construction and operation of large scale facilities is an important task of the Federal Research Centres in Germany. These facilities are made available to scientists from universities, other research institutions and industry.

From tradition Hereon co-operates with industry, authorities and other institutions on the basis of flexibly created co-operating contracts or just of orders. At GEMS special services are offered to partners using the unique capabilities of photons (synchrotron radiation) and neutrons:

The characterisation of structural and functional materials such as metals, ceramics, polymers, soft matter and thin films, as well as properties like textures, residual stress and magnetism, etc. is needed by developers in the steel and metal industry, in the chemical industry, in the information technology to design e.g. new alloys, polymers, nanocomposites or data memories. The GEMS instruments are suitable tools for these purposes.

Orders from industry and others will be processed by experienced personnel. The costs depend on the necessary expenditure.


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