Küste Hero Istock-1540337901 Michael Workman

Electronics Engineers for Devices and Systems

What should you bring with you?

  • Good intermediate school leaving qualification or ("Fach-)Hochschulreife" (higher education entrance qualification)
  • Interest in technical-functional contexts
  • High motivation, curiosity, open-mindedness, willingness to learn and perform, personal responsibility and reliability
  • Ability to work in a team in combination with independent and careful working methods

How does the training work?

The dual vocational training lasts 3.5 years. During your training, you will attend vocational school in Lübeck.

What tasks await you during your training?

  • Manufacturing electrical and electronic devices and systems
  • Preparation of circuit diagrams, dimensional drawings and terminal diagrams
  • Construction of electrical systems and creation of software programs according to plans
  • Troubleshooting, maintenance and modification of existing systems and devices
  • Measuring and testing of electrical quantities
  • and much more...