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Purchasing and Logistics

The Purchasing and Logistics department ensures efficient and prompt processing for all flows of goods, services and construction services - in compliance with the legal framework under public procurement law for contracting authorities.

The purchasing strategy, which is based on sustainability, ensures optimal purchasing conditions through centralized product group management.

When completing purchases, an emphasis is placed on advising scientists on the choice of products and suppliers, as well as the choice of procurement procedure.

A catalog-based, state-of-the-art ordering system is used for decentralized procurement.

Logistics comprises the reception of goods, storage, internal company transport, shipping and sustainable disposal.



  • Procuring all goods and services, including planning and construction services
  • Advising the requesters with respect to the choice of products and services
  • Structuring and implementing procurement procedures
  • Obtaining and evaluating offers
  • Negotiating terms and conditions and structuring contracts
  • Implementing state-of-the-art purchasing processes
  • Purchasing control


  • Reception of goods and shipping
  • Internal company logistics
  • Warehouse management and disposal

Services for external users

Direct information about other purchasing matters as well as current/awarded tenders and contracts are available via the following links.


Dorit Wegner

Head of Department

E-mail contact