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 Hereon scientists in the laser hall

Hereon / C. Schmid

New materials and procedures for lightweight construction, energy and environmental protection – When innovations arise from fundamental research, and usable patents are derived from ideas, this means that the greatest ambition of the researchers at the Helmholtz-Zentrum Hereon has been achieved: to make their scientific knowledge usable in practical solutions.

Hereon scientists have developed new processes based on friction stir welding

Hereon / C. Schmid

Forming strong Connections – Friction stir welding is the method with the most varying materials can be joined together by stirring.
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Technology Offers

DescriptionFurther details 
Bioresorbable magnesium materialStimulating bone formation by adding hydroxyapatiteTechnology Offer
Metal Injection Molding (MIM) with magnesiumSF6-free manufacturing of complex magnesium componentsTechnology Offer
Creating large TiAl componentsManufacturing without flaws and with high homogeneityTechnology Offer
Optimised Fischer-Tropsch SynthesisFischer-Tropsch plants could be optimised to obtain the highest possible yield in gas separation processesTechnology Offer
Friction RivetingMulti-material Joining TechnologyTechnology Offer
Diffusion brazing of TiAl partsWith high microstructural and chemical homogeneity of the braze zoneTechnology Offer