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Girls' und Boys' Day

Future Day at Hereon



For many years, the Hereon has participated annually in Girls' and Boys' Day with a varied and exciting program.

The registration always starts about two months before the Future Day.

We look forward to many interested students every year!

Insight into the future day 2024

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Photo: From the young reporters

Where baby nappies and lasers come together

Every year in April, the Future Day gives schoolchildren the opportunity to visit the Helmholtz-Zentrum Hereon and take part in various projects. This year, around 40 children and young people took part in Future Day. The young journalists from the Communication and Media department did some research and put together an overview of the various projects:

In the laser lab, the pupils work with a laser and produce components for a heat exchanger. As the laser can be dangerous to the eyes, the pupils wear protective goggles. Working with the laser is similar to 3D printing.

A few buildings further on is the membrane research centre. This is where membranes are manufactured and tested. A membrane is a filter for gases and liquids. They are rubbery and come in different sizes. Membranes are used, for example, to extract petrol vapours in suction nozzles at petrol stations.
In the school laboratory, the pupils experiment with liquids on climate change. They took water samples and tested the CO2 saturation and pH value of the Elbe water.

The pupils are also investigating the absorption of water by special plastics, e.g. polyacrylate. A small amount of polyacrylate absorbs a lot of water and then turns into a jelly. These plastics are used in nappies, for example.

At another station, electric cubes are built to make board games easier because these electric cubes cannot fall off the table. Pupils can solder their own cubes together and build them completely themselves.

In the measuring room, you can take a closer look at the technical side of things and learn how machines work and why it is so important to use the right measuring equipment, because research must be reproducible.

The young reporters

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