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Research Field: Matter

The Research Field Matter - from the Microworld to the Whole Universe

Matter is the basic material of our existence. Stars and planets are made of it, as are humans and microbes. The Helmholtz Research Field Matter explores the most diverse facets - from the tiny elementary particles to the big picture, the cosmos: How has the universe developed since the Big Bang? And what do the basic building blocks of matter look like, what holds them together? Both questions are closely related: Those particles that had been created in the first moments of the universe had decisively shaped its development. More information at helmholtz


Desy E-autos Setcard

E-cars: Particle accelerator proves that manufacturing is more sustainable with the green laser

Collaboration between TRUMPF, Fraunhofer ILT, DESY and Hereon provides the most detailed of insights into laser welding processes to date thanks to the ...

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Airplane shortly before landing

No more rivets

Hereon project team develops new welding process for climate-friendlier aviation

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Press Release

How lymph nodes are supplied with blood

Sophisticated X-ray experiment involving the Hereon disproves traditional textbook knowledge

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