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Research Field: Information

Research Field Information – from new data processing systems to innovative materials to powerful supercomputers

Modern research would be impossible without the capacity to store and process large amounts of data. In order to handle these almost endless quantities of data, we need completely new methods and technologies. Helmholtz researches every facet of information processing and develops powerful tools such as quantum technologies and supercomputers as well as innovative materials and data processing systems. Through this research, we deliver solutions for major challenges facing society – from healthy living to smart mobility to adapting to climate change. More information at helmholtz


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Innovation platform for climate-friendly shipping

Research vessel Coriolis paves the way for interdisciplinary research and digitalization

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Hereon is joining HOLII

Scientists of our center are participating in a program that helps to implement new ideas of potential founders

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Membranes for a climate-neutral industry

BMWK funds new project to separate CO2 and hydrogen from gas streams in industry

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