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  • Zhou, S. Y., Su, Y., Wang, H., Enz, J., Ebel, T., & Yan, M.: Selective laser melting additive manufacturing of 7xxx series Al-Zn-Mg-Cu alloy: Cracking elimination by co-incorporation of Si and TiB2. Additive Manufacturing 36 (2020) 101458.
  • Ageev, E.I., Andreeva, Y.M., Ionin, A.A., Kashaev, N.S., Kudryashov, S.I., Nikonorov, N.V., Nuryev, R.K., Petrov, A.A., Rudenko, A.A., Samokhvalov, A.A., Saraeva, I.N., Veiko, V.P.: Single-shot femtosecond laser processing of Al-alloy surface: An interplay between Mbar shock waves, enhanced microhardness, residual stresses, and chemical modification. Optics and Laser Technology 126 (2020).
  • Sikhamov, R., Fomin, F., Klusemann, B., Kashaev, N.: The influence of laser shock peening on fatigue properties of AA2024-T3 alloy with a fastener hole. Metals 10 (2020) 4.
  • Froend, M., Ventzke, V., Dorn, F., Kashaev, N., Klusemann, B., Enz, J.: Microstructure by design: An approach of grain refinement and isotropy improvement in multi-layer wire-based laser metal deposition. Materials Science and Engineering A 772 (2020),
  • Keller, S., Horstmann, M., Kashaev, N., Klusemann, B.: Fatigue crack propagation influenced by laser shock peening introduced residual stress fields in aluminium specimens. Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering (2020) 617-631.
  • Kashaev, N., Ushmaev, D., Ventzke, V., Klusemann, B., Fomin, F.: On the application of laser shock peening for retardation of surface fatigue cracks in laser beam-welded AA6056. Fatigue and Fracture of Engineering Materials and Structures (2020).
  • Daandels, D., Riekehr, S., Kashaev, N., Mardaras, J., El Dine, S.Z., Heck, C.: modeling approach for the fatigue behavior of laser drilled micro perforated structural panels. Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering (2020) 73-87.
  • Fomin, F., Kashaev, N.: Probabilistic reliability assessment of a component in the presence of internal defects. Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering (2020) 488-502.
  • Sandmann, P., Nielsen, M.-A., Keller, S., Maawad, E., Staron, P., Klusemann, B.: Combined experimental–numerical study on residual stresses induced by a single impact as elementary process of mechanical peening (2020).
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