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Head of Department

Prof. Dr. Beate Ratter
Prof. Dr. Beate Ratter Human Dimensions of Coastal Areas

Institute of Coastal Systems - Analysis and Modeling

Phone: +49 (0)4152 87-1527

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Former Staff Members

Annika Runge

7/2021 - 11/2022; PhD student
- Regional economics
- regional development
- environmental economics
- bioeconomy
Now Referetin at the Federal Institute for Research on Building, Urban Affairs and Spatial Development, Cottbus

Dominic Plug

11/2017-04/2018; Research Scientist
Dominic worked in the EU project BONUS BALTSPACE on Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) in the German EEZ Baltic Sea. He analysed the current spatial plan in this region as well as conflicts between different sectors with using the BowTie approach.

Dr. Birgit Gerkensmeier

06/2013 – 12/2017, PhD researcher, PhD Thesis (2018): Governing Risks in a Social Process - Risk Management in the Multi-Risk, Multi-Scale and Multi-Stakeholder Environment of the Trilateral Wadden Sea Region
Project: ENHANCE - Enhancing risk management partnerships for catastrophic natural hazards in Europe

Birgit studied risk management processes in coastal areas, in particular within the trilateral Wadden Sea Region. She analysed the role of multi-stakeholder processes in the complex decision-making systems. Insights from the cross-national Wadden Sea Region provided the basis for a conceptual discussion about coastal risk management as an enhanced socially embedded and collaborative process.

Dr. Daniela Siedschlag

04/2010 – 06/2017; PhD Researcher, PhD Thesis (2017): Das Konzept Emotionale Vulnerabilität – Ein Beitrag zur Hazardforschung am Beispiel der Insel Pellworm

Daniela studied risk perception and emotional place-attachment at the German island Pellworm. She analysed the complex interrelations of human-environmental-interactions in a changing natural and societal environment. Within the scope of her PhD thesis she elaborated the concept of emotional vulnerability.

Dr. Corinna de Guttry

12/2012 – 01/2017; PhD Researcher, PhD Thesis (2017): Crossing the borders of climate change: An analysis of cultural framings of climate change among migrants in Hamburg.
Project: Reklim
Corinna studied migrant´s perception of climate change in the host country. She analyzed different influencing factors, as temporal, geographical and social distances as well as the cultural setting with methods of environmental psychology and qualitative social research.

Christian Fischer

08/2013 – 01/2017; Research Scientist
Projects: Wind Power and Landscape, KnowSeas, BONUS BALTSPACE
Christian worked in several projects on human-environment interactions and specifically the incorporation of cultural ecosystem services into Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP).

Dr. Diana Süsser

12/2012 – 06/2016; PhD Researcher, PhD Thesis (2016): People-Powered Local Energy Transition: Mitigating Climate Change with Community-Based Renewable Energy in North Frisia.
Project: Reklim
Diana studied climate change mitigation and adaptation in the context of sustainable marine and coastal management. She analyzed human-environmental interactions by agent-based modelling and social network analysis.

Dr. Barbara Weig

10/2011 – 04/2016; PhD Researcher, PhD Thesis (2015): Komplex und evolutionär - eine wirtschaftsgeographische Analyse der Regionalentwicklung in Brunsbüttel. (Springer Verlag, Heidelberg, ISBN 978-3-658-12785-5)
Projekt: TIDE – Tidal River Development
Barbara studies resilience in regional development in the case study of Brunsbüttel (Germany). She analyzed the regional systems between lock-ins and learning processes with approaches from economic geography and complexity theories.