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New research guest at the institute

For three months, PhD student Francisco German Blanco Parte will conduct research in Dr. Natalia Tarazona's lab.


Francisco German Blanco Parte, Photo: Hereon/ Lisa Depenbrock

Francisco Blanco works in Prof. María Auxiliadora Prieto Jiménez' Polymer Biotechnology Laboratory at the Biological Research Center from the National Spanish Research Council (CIB-CSIC). His PhD research interests include the development of strains for the bacterial production of biopolymers, the development of new fermentation strategies to tailor their properties, and functionalization for biomedical applications.
Currently, Blanco is doing a research stay at the Hereon-Institute of Active Polymers. "I am looking forward to the coming weeks. Especially because Dr. Tarazona is a pioneer in the application of the Langmuir technique to decipher the binding relationships between biopolymers and their associated proteins," Blanco said.

Welcome to the Teltow-Seehof research site, Francisco Blanco.

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