Inside the Kindergarten. Photo: pme Familienservice „Kita Einsteinchen“
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Big steps for little researchers

The company daycare center at the Helmholtz-Zentrum Hereon turns 15 years old

The company daycare center "Einsteinchen CompanyKids" at the Helmholtz-Zentrum Hereon celebrates its anniversary. For 15 years now, Hereon employees have been able to place their children in care there. With a small celebration on April 1, the daycare center and Hereon will honor this fact, even in a difficult time. There are 40 places for children in three groups at the daycare center. Everyone agrees on one fact: without good and reliable care for their children, employees cannot perform at their best.

Entrance of the Kindergarten

An entrance for a good future. The Einsteinchen invites to its anniversary.
Photo: pme Familienservice „Kita Einsteinchen“

It is often not easy for parents to place their children in a childcare facility. Especially when they are still very young. This makes it all the more important to have confidence in the chosen daycare center. The fact that there is an excellent daycare center close to the company at Hereon takes away such worries for many employees. "For our research center, this anniversary is a milestone and we are looking forward to the next years and many more anniversaries," says Hereon's commercial director Silke Simon.

The Construction of the "Einsteinchen Company Kids" daycare center started in September 2006. The opening took place in April 2007. pme Familienservice GmbH, a long-standing cooperation partner of the Hereon, has established itself as the provider and operator of the daycare center. Around 40 children can be cared for in the facility. There are two crèche groups for children aged between eight weeks and three years, each with up to 10 children. And an elementary group for children from the age of three with currently up to 22 children.

Opening hours: 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. This gives employees the flexibility they need when an experiment takes longer and working hours cannot be planned exactly. And another argument in favor of the daycare center that convinces working parents: There are no company vacations. The daycare center is only closed on public holidays. In addition, emergency care is also available for children of Hereon employees, for example to bridge vacation periods for schoolchildren up to the age of twelve.

Education for little researchers

The facility has been certified by the "Haus der kleinen Forscher" foundation since 2008. The foundation awards institutions with special STEM programmes. The proximity to the research location of course influences the content of the educational work with the children.” STEM stands for the natural science subjects from the fields of mathematics, computer science, natural science and technology.

The daycare is based on the "Berliner Modell," which means it allows one to three weeks for a child to settle in. In the end, the pace is determined by the child itself. The concept for promoting movement according to Pikler and Hengstenberg, age-integrated language education with an English focus, and the “Zahlenland” for preschoolers are also important elements. “We support the children individually so that they develop into independent, interested and happy personalities," says Annika Hartung, the head of the daycare center.

Many arguments for the Einsteinchen

From carnival celebrations, family outings, a backup program and action days to a farewell week for the future schoolchildren, the Einsteinchen of tomorrow are offered a variety of activities. Growing up healthy also includes a healthy diet: the daily freshly delivered, hot lunch is complemented by fruit and vegetables with raw food meals in the afternoon and a wholesome dinner.

The Helmholtz-Zentrum Hereon has been awarded the "berufundfamilie" certificate since 2008: Helping employees achieve a work-life balance distinguishes us as an attractive employer, and our childcare offerings are an important cornerstone of this. The daycare center also takes into account the cultural diversity of the workforce – currently, the children come from twelve nations. "This diversity makes up our center and is an enrichment for everyone," says Silke Simon, "fostering it means taking the right path into the future. Because children are the most valuable we have and important for the future." This year, to mark the anniversary, there will be a big summer party for parents and children.

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