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Drift App

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Knowledge of the history of the inverstigated waterbody is very important for a factual interpretation of sample data that is gathered at specific stations or during special campaigns. With this tool, drift paths can be calculated on the basis of operationally generated current fields (BSH).
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Oil Drift

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The deployment of chemical dispersants is an option to combat oil spills. An oil layer is dispersed into small oil droplets and mixed into the water column. The tool (Bayesian network) shows if dispersants should be used in case of an oil spill. You can see the probability that under changing conditions with or without dispersant the oil spill enters the German Wadden Sea.
Interactive Tool "Oil Drift"

Campaign metadata field app

Research vessel Ludwig Prandtl

Supporting automated processing of campaign data from the outset is a prerequisite for free access and realible flow of scientific data from the field to usable information.The Campaign Data Tool offers an opportunity to collect metadata and to store in-situ measurements using an electronic clipboard. In combination with external GPS devices, e.g. on board of ships, the Tool disposes high-accuracy in coordinates. Read about the field app and workflow