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Ausgewählte Publikationen:

  • Yang, H., Zander, D., Huang, Y., Kainer, K.U., Dieringa, H.: Individual/synergistic effects of Al and AlN on the microstructural evolution and creep resistance of Elektron21 alloy; Mat. Sci. Engin. 777 (2020) 139072.
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  • Yang H., Huang Y., Song B.,Kainer K.U., Dieringa H.: Enhancing the creep resistance of AlN/Al nanoparticles reinforced Mg-2.85Nd-0.92Gd-0.41Zr-0.29Zn alloy by a high shear dispersion technique; Materials Science and Engineering A755 (2019) 18-27.
  • K.P. Rao, D. Chalasani, K. Suresh, Y.V.R.K. Prasad, H. Dieringa, N. Hort: Connected Process Design for Hot Working of a Creep-Resistant Mg–4Al–2Ba–2Ca Alloy (ABaX422); Metals 8 (2018) 463-477.
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