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An Enzymatic Continuous-Flow Reactor Based on a Pore-size Matching Nano- and Isoporous Block Copolymer Membrane

Veröffentlicht in der Zeitschrift Nature Communications

Autoren: Zhenzhen Zhang, Liang Gao, Alexander Boes, Barbara Bajer, Johanna Stotz, Lina Apitius, Felix Jakob, Erik S. Schneider, Ulrich Schwaneberg, Volker Abetz

Continuous-flow biocatalysis utilizing immobilized enzymes emerged as a sustainable route for chemical synthesis. However, inadequate biocatalytic efficiency from current flow reactors, caused by non-productive enzyme immobilization or enzyme-carrier mismatches in size, hampers its widespread application. Here, we demonstrate a general-applicable and robust approach for the fabrication of a high-performance enzymatic continuous-flow reactor via integrating well-designed scalable isoporous block copolymer (BCP) membranes as carriers with an oriented and productive immobilization employingmaterial binding peptides (MBP). Densely packed uniformenzymematched nanochannels of well-designed BCP membranes endow the desired nanoconfined environments towards a productive immobilized phytase.
Tuning nanochannel properties can further regulate the complex reaction process and fortify the catalytic performance. The synergistic design of enzyme-matched carriers and efficient enzyme immobilization empowers an excellent catalytic performance with >1 month operational stability, superior productivity, and a high space-time yield (1.05 × 105 gL−1 d−1) via a single-pass continuous-flow process. The obtained performance makes the designed nano- and isoporous block copolymer membrane reactor highly attractive for industrial applications.

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