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Design of Modified Polymer Membranes Using Machine Learning

Veröffentlicht in der Zeitschrift ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces

Autoren: Sarah Glass, Martin Schmidt, Petra Merten, Amira Abdul Latif, Kristina Fischer, Agnes Schulze, Pascal Friederich, Volkan Filiz

Surface modification is an attractive strategy to adjust the properties of polymer membranes. Unfortunately, predictive structure–processing–property relationships between the modification strategies and membrane performance are often unknown. One possibility to tackle this challenge is the application of data-driven methods such as machine learning. In this study, we applied machine learning methods to data sets containing the performance parameters of modified membranes. The resulting machine learning models were used to predict performance parameters, such as the pure water permeability and the zeta potential of membranes modified with new substances. The predictions had low prediction errors, which allowed us to generalize them to similar membrane modifications and processing conditions. Additionally, machine learning methods were able to identify the impact of substance properties and process parameters on the resulting membrane properties. Our results demonstrate that small data sets, as they are common in materials science, can be used as training data for predictive machine learning models. Therefore, machine learning shows great potential as a tool to expedite the development of high-performance membranes while reducing the time and costs associated with the development process at the same time.

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