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Materials Mechanics

Laser Processing and Structural Assessment

Eine Hand mit Innensechskantschlüssel am Laserschweißroboter

Photo: Hereon/Christian Schmid

The implementation of load-bearing lightweight structures requires innovative design approaches and advanced manufacturing processes, as for example laser welding, laser-additive manufacturing and laser shock peening. The knowledge about the relationships between process, microstructure and resulting properties enables the specific adjustment of structural properties. Since these relationships are often very complex and laser additive manufactured or laser welded structures generally do not possess homogeneous material properties, highly developed experimental techniques are required, which are supported by suitable assessment concepts and simulations. This makes it possible to develop reliable structures of high durability for industrial maturity in order to minimize human and environmental hazards.



Photo: Hereon/Christian Schmid

The research activities of the department Joining and Assessment (WMF) encompasses the laser material processing of metallic lightweight engineering materials and their characterisation. Besides laser welding and laser additive manufacturing modification processes such as laser shock peening and laser heating are studied. The goal of the research in WMF is the analysis and optimisation of local and global material properties and residual stress conditions. For this purpose, both experimental methods as well as simulations are utilised.

The department WMF is subdivided into two groups:

CALMS – Characterisation of Additive Laser Manufactured Structures
ILMS – Integrity of Laser Processed Materials and Structures
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In addition, the department WMF is a member of the work group ProAdditive. The primary goal of the ProAdditive working group is the pooling of different areas of competence around additive manufacturing in order to increase the maturity of the technology through increased scientific knowledge. Further information on the work group