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Blick in ein Rechenzentrum <i>-Bild: C. Schmid/Hereon-</i>

Inside a data center. -image: C. Schmid/Hereon-

Data are the basis for research and the resulting knowledge.
The Institute of Coastal Ocean Dynamics collects, calculates and processes data of all kinds for its own research work as well as for transferring it to third parties under the aspect of knowledge transfer. This includes physical, chemical and biological parameters such as temperature, salinity, waves, water levels, currents, wind, nutrients and pollutants, pH, chlorophyll and algae. The data result from real-time in-situ measurements, from automated measurement systems, from collections, from complex data sets, and from model calculations.

The Institute of Coastal Ocean Dynamics is mainly responsible for the data and information portal COSYNA.


Die Anwender-App von COSYNA. <i>-Bild: Hereon-</i>

The -> enduser app of COSYNA. -image: Hereon-

COSYNA is an integrated observation and modeling system that is suitable for describing the environmental status of the coastal waters of the North Sea and the Arctic in an operational and synoptic manner.
Diverse data is continuously collected by automated measuring systems and thus made available in real time.
Data and data products are used to support institutions and the public in planning and processing routine tasks, responding to emergencies and assessing trends. COSYNA

further data portals

Additional data portals are operated in coastal and marine research at the Helmholtz-Zentrum Hereon:
CoastDat is based on the use of almost realistic numerical model systems to describe the meteo-marine environment in regions with small amounts of data.
coastMap is a marine geoportal and bundles analyzes and model data of the sea bed, the overlying water column in the North Sea and the atmosphere.

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COSYNA (Coastal Observing System for Northern and Arctic Seas) is the integrated observing and modelling system for the North Sea and Arctic coastal waters. COSYNA provides withal data as well as knowledge tools for authorities, industry, and the public.

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coastDat is a model based data bank developed mainly for the assessment of long-term changes in data sparse regions.

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The marine Geoportal coastMap provides access to existing geodata and information products of the Hereon and its partner institutions. Focus areas of the portal are campaign data, model analysis and scientific information for the interested public.

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