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Research Topics

Research Marine Processes

The “In-situ Measuring Systems” department deals with answering questions regarding water quality and the quantification of chemical-biological processes in coastal waters. To do this it is necessary to carry out long term measurement and process studies. However due to the fact that many of the processes which occur in coastal waters exhibit a high degree of temporal variation and sectional heterogeneity the use of field campaigns from research vessels which are carried out 2-4 times per year aren't enough for an understanding and modeling of the environment. Therefore these campaigns which due to cost reasons can only be taken sporadically, have to be supplemented by the automated measurements taken, for example by cruise ships which regularly travel through the areas to be tested.

By using a combination of ship campaigns, continuous In-situ measurements, remote sensing and statistic-numerical evaluation it is possible to put together a picture of the processes which determine the water quality. These scientific findings are then used to develop and optimize more cost-effective monitoring techniques

Data Evaluation and Interpretation of long term measurements
Development of Measuring Systems
Development of Sensors