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Coastal Ocean Dynamics

Global Coast


Scheme of a FerryBox-System. -Image: Hereon-

The coasts around the world are very different. In order to achieve comparability, the Global Coast department conducts basic research on the budgeting of natural and anthropogenic variability as well as extreme events in river-sea systems.
This is done exemplarily within the framework of the coastal observation system COSYNA in the North Sea mainly by continuous automated observations at the surface with the help of FerryBoxes and fixed stations as well as with seabed measurements from underwater nodes.
Field campaigns (among others as part of the MOSES project) in combination with computer model analyses and modern data analysis techniques (Digital Earth project) provide additional information.
The aim is to use system analyses and coastal change models to predict specific threat scenarios for coastal safety (flooding, changes in food chains, threats to structures, etc.).
For this purpose, data science methods for measurement data acquisition, processing and graphical implementation as well as analysis tools based on machine learning techniques and AI are developed to support scientific system analysis and demand planning.