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Produktivität der Küsten


Phytoplankton seen from a plane -image: Burkard Baschek/Hereon-

Primary producers (phytoplankton) sustain food webs, regulate oxygen dynamics in the ocean and the atmosphere, and are central to maintaining healthy, productive and sustainable coasts and oceans.
Primary producers are susceptible to anthropogenic stressors like land-based nutrient and pollutant inputs, changes in climate, changes in water chemistry, like (coastal) ocean acidification.
The 2021 established Coastal Productivity group investigates how primary producers regulate carbon and nutrient cycles and coastal food webs, but also how vulnerable primary producers are to human stressors or coastal dynamics (ex. winds, tides, storms).
Using autonomous in-situ measurements, our goal is to capture ecosystem dynamics on scales from days to decades, and from single ship transects to coastal seas and oceans.