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11th FerryBox Workshop

Ausflugsschiff FunnyGirl Auf dem Schiff ist eine FerryBox installiert
  • LocationGeesthacht

The FerryBox Community was formed as part of a project funded by the EU from 2003-2003 to develop measurement systems on commercial vessels such as ferries or cargo ships.

After the end of the EU funding, however, the so-called FerryBox systems developed in the project continued to be operated by most of the partners and the group has grown more and more in the meantime. Within the framework of this FerryBox community, an international workshop is organized by one partner at a time at regular intervals of about 1.5 years, where the latest developments and applications are presented and discussed.

The Helmholtz Center hereon was already once in 2011 organizer of the workshop . Now after 11 years and for the first time as a hybrid event the workshop will take place again in Geesthacht. The event is organized by the department KCP (Coastal Productivity) in the institute "Carbon Cycles" by Dr. Yoana Voynova and her colleagues. About 50 people are expected on site and a total of about 100 people will participate mainly from Europe but also from overseas.