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Girls' und Boys' Day


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For many years, the Hereon has participated annually in Girls' and Boys' Day with a varied and exciting program.

We look forward to many interested students every year!

Future day 2023 - Booked out!

This year's Future Day will finally take place on site at Hereon (Location Geesthacht) again!

Due to a high demand, we are already fully booked and unfortunately have no more free places for the Future Day 2023.

The following exciting projects await participants:

• Be a researcher for a day! You will have the opportunity to conduct various exciting experiments on your own using laboratory equipment.
• Travel to the other end of the world: Plan a business trip for our researchers.
• Experience the fascination of technology and hardware: Build your own PC!
• Electronic dice: A dice always has the "challenge" that it can fall off the table, or stop on the tilt. In electronics, we want to solve these challenges by letting the computer roll the dice for us. We will show you how the cube works and how to assemble it.
• Welcome@Hereon: Get to know the Welcome Office, where our international researchers receive advice and support. Get an insight into the organization of our international guest house.
• About density and Water: From Archimedes to "How does the ocean glider robot actually work?" to the flow in the North Sea (target group: 7th grade).
• The great power of tiny sea creatures - what role does plankton play in the ocean? We take a look at the microcosm of the oceans and how plankton helps us in the race against climate change

Insight into the digital future day 2022

Last year, Future Day at Hereon once again went digital! With around 70 students, we kicked off a digital event on Thursday, April 28, 2022 to give them a glimpse into our work and training at the center. This attracted about twice as many kids as last year!

After a warm welcome by Dr. Iris Ulrich, the participants received comprehensive information about the Hereon and an overview of the research areas from Patrick Kalb-Rottmann. Afterwards, the program continued in two groups: While one group received "Glimpses of light in the laser lab" from Stefan Riekehr and learned what lasers are used for in our research, the other kids became climate researchers themselves. Guided by Dr. Sabine Mendach and Birte Cirotzki from the student lab, the students were able to conduct small experiments at home.

Information on vocational training at Hereon from the day's organizer, Anja Badura (Human Resources Development Group), rounded out our offerings. The trainee Lennart Strauer (2nd year of training as an IT specialist) as well as the trainer Vicky Tippe (for the training profession technical* product designer) presented the respective training professions and reported on their daily work.

After the lunch break, Lisa Depenbrock provided insights into the VIPCOAT project and experiments by Dr. Michael Schroeter from Teltow. Dr. Schroeter took the students for an hour into the world of polymers, gave an overview of different forms of polymers and performed varied live experiments from polymer chemistry. Afterwards, the students' questions were discussed and practical knowledge was exchanged.

For information on vocational training, please get in touch with Ms Anja Badura, Human Resources Development in the Human Resources Management unit:

Anja Badura

Institute/Department: Human Resources Development

Phone: +49 (0)4152 87-1709

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